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Day 18-22 - Notes (Sorry, never actually wrote the blog)

Day Eighteen - Rocking the Back streets and exhausted Scouser's

Pasha was grumpy bird and wouldn't start.

causing trouble wouldn't start, can't push start eventually get goung with extra choke turns out was in reverse!

An hour out of town and into the mountains as te sun rose. Google maps sends us on the shortest route, theory of 40kmh max confounded by tortuous village roads

Actually got another taste of real India as we boomed through small villages genuinely surprised by the prescence of four foreigners in two elaboarately adorned auto rickshawS

Hit the highway, one lane of patchy tar with sirt eitger aide but lorries and coaches on both sides wishing to use it. Tightening exhaust bolts. Exhaust comes loose i'm tired and the incessant raw of the exhaust all morning has my head ringing, no more thinking, no more joy, pressure and relentless goading by the tiger al replaces bolt and bodges a screwdriver and some metallic suoerglue stuff into a bolt. We wereoff again.

Barmer als hotel, crazy lady begging hand in face oinching arms dragging us threatening begging dirty grimey

Check in all geta fiem witg staff, hotel has two double beds per room with kitchen and bathrrom

Tuk tuks parked next to cows Dinner st the fast food, suzzlers milkshake


Day Nineteen - Homecoming Queens

150 wasy kilometres repair turbo pipe but grey tape disintegrates, fun pics and making the most if our tuks

Get to jaisalmer and follow the map to the palace where we cross the line together and mount the podium as a team, pics etc donuts in the car park remove tat and relax.

Record our arrival, Beers and tea by the fire pit. Victory oarade around town atol the car aroundvthe fort Cricket where we get smashed by the inidans me and al falling over in the process. Masive rag around on two wheels evryone ecstatic to have finished. Hotel Mr India, bharat, amazingtomato and springinion sunset by fort drinks woth kiwis back to party with Mr India,m. Home by midnight so miss Maharajah. Al quite saddened by loss of pascha. Eefinitely happy to see back of tony.

Day Twenty - Tge day After thefirtnight before
Stationary life difficult to adjust too. Bagsheavy!

Long lie in and mosy around fort. Unable to get in touch with raj and puri, book train to jodhpur.see jain temple, laura buys be spread from talking woman fonest display of verbal incessance, dinner on the roof top pizza and milkshake.

Home sleep up for dinner but all still tired

The party splits tomorrow. Sad.

Day Twenty One - The 6:45 to Jodphur

Tuk tuk driver takes us to station, chai

Working out which is our carriage, only tgird class seated or third class sleeper ac. Romantic stretch across the arid and rocky bushlands of northern Rajasthan. Intermittently dozing, reading and chaiing. Thousands of ks had taken their toll.

Fall over at station, find a hotel amod invessant questioning and get a tuk tuk to hotel. Lovely gaff old haveli for women.

Explore Migharah fort and go flying fixing across the temple grounds, see the dark knight filming spot back down via shopping for shoes. Finally getintouchwoth Raj when will I see him he says tomorrow he and puri collect us at 12.

Relapse that evening into clautrophobia of horns and lights and questions in the elctric lit night. See a wedding oarty but drums feel like gun shots is this gaoraphobia god I want quiet. Laura eats at stall, kids flicking elastic bands walk back to hotel, ear plugs pain killers and let the dark and semi silence consume me.

Day Twenty Two - Finding Friends
Rooftop brekkie under the fort then iff to find some wife gifts for puri and raj. Shop closed get roped into tea and jos sticks. Getting hippy? Atress? Spice guy tells us of otger store so gi to look around. See an amazing ten kilo brass horse but ridiculously expensive and so begins long barter find some beautiful wooden boxes inlaod woth camel bone and cow horn for gifts. Get horse down to fair price, you're killing me but its ok. Good ok.

Back in taxi and meet ouri and raj, puriwith his turban and white Raj like the man I know. Tuk tuk to puris house some car kcense issues. Raj awesome restored 83 mahendra ex mikitary jeep. Take chai and settoff for puri's villagestop for chai and stop for booze house, see the hotel booked for us then to puri's uncle goggling girls and women behind veils see the uncle ex army 28 years service and reture on full pension start ti collect family members as the car fills up laura makes friends withPoojab meet the bank manager Devedwarah and Kate who works at Hugo Os.

See ouris's famiky and into sand dunes for sundowners. Fire, drinks subsets.i drive

We have tour of house, laura makes the chapattis rajthedinner we sit on a raised bed everyone else on the ground esteemed company mayor, ex lietennatof jodhour police and the lady x miltary uncle
Also see jo from hugos
Royalty, eat before everyone else then off to bed driven to our hotel whilst the others eat.

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